Finetika Ltd is in the process of being licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank as a payment institution to offer payment services under the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act, as follows:

1. Direct debit execution, including one-off direct debits: Customers are individuals who can pay for regular expenses through this service, such as household bills, without having to do this on a monthly basis..

2. Execution of payment transactions through payment cards or other similar instruments: Customers are persons who can pay online through their payment cards any sums for goods and services if the merchants and service providers provide this payment option.

3. Credit Transfer Execution, including Periodic Transfer Orders: Customers are individuals who, through the platform, can use bank transfer for any need when needed.

4. Services relating to the deposit of cash into a payment account, as well as the related operations for servicing a payment account: clients are all persons who wish to deposit one or more of their accounts with cash amounts.

5. Cash withdrawal services from a payment account as well as related payment account servicing operations: customers are all persons who wish to withdraw cash from one or more of their accounts.

6. Cash Transfer Execution - A payment service in which funds are provided by the payer without opening payment accounts in the name of the payer or the payee for the sole purpose of transferring the relevant amount to the payee or other payment service provider acting from the name of the recipient, and / or where such funds are received on behalf of the recipient and are available to him: the clients of this service are persons who, in an emergency, may provide to other persons located in other locations amounts in number. Clients can also be persons who can pay in cash various household bills, fees to state and local authorities, fines and more. similar.

7. Payment initiation - service that initiates payment at the request of the payment service user in relation to a payment account maintained with another payment service provider: the customers of this service are all persons (natural and legal) who have accounts in different banking institutions, and who wish to make payments from them from one online platform. The ability to make optional payments from any account held, even at different banking institutions, is a convenience in today's dynamic online world.

8. Account information provisioning - a service that provides summary information on one or more payment accounts maintained by the payment service user with one or more other payment service providers: the customers of this service are all persons (natural and legal), who have accounts with different banking institutions and who wish to receive information about them from one place. The convenience of the application and the functionalities that allow a complete look at the overall current financial status and past transaction information capabilities for a fixed time is indispensable for anyone in today's dynamic online world.

Users of the payment platform of Finetika Ltd will be able to easily, quickly and with minimal expenses make and receive virtually any payments related to goods, services, taxes, fees, etc., as well as cash transfers and on account.
In order to ensure a competitive, durable and secure landscape of payments in the EEA, PSD2 also introduced a set of rules that payment service providers must abide by in their relations with payment service users. These rules apply to the transparency of contract information and the clearly defined lead time for finalizing customer payments.